Prairie Cello Festival


A co-presentation of the Prairie Cello Institute and the Regina Musical Club

3 concerts in 4 days

Tuesday August 22nd 7:30pm - Darke Hall

Paul Marleyn, cello & Katherine Dowling, piano


The Slavic Soul

Rachmaninov - Vocalise 
Prokofiev - Sonata Op.119
Part - Spiegel Im Spiegel 
Popper - Hungarian Rhapsody 
Gayane Chebotaryan - Prelude no. 3 
Schedrin - In the Style of Albeniz 

Tickets for this event are purchased through the Darke Hall box office

August 24th 7:00pm - Shubox Theatre, Riddell Centre, University of Regina


Prairie Cello Institute Faculty Cellists in Performance

Christine Bootland

Simon Fryer

Joel MacDonald

Paul Marleyn

Scott McKnight

Works for solo and multiple cellos  CelloDrama Aug 24 2023

Admission by donation


August 25th 6:00pm - Shubox Theatre, Riddell Centre, University of Regina

Prairie Cello Institute Closing Concert

Our students demonstrate the ensemble work they have accomplished over the course of the week with works for cello ensembles small and large.

Admission by donation